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Tobias hints at teaching

2020-11-30  Obrien Simasiku

Tobias hints at teaching

OMUTHIYA – The former councilor of Tsumeb constituency, Lebbius Tobias, has broken the silence over his eleventh-hour withdrawal as a candidate, saying he will consider teaching when the right time comes.
“I have been a teacher before the political position and I still remain a qualified teacher. Teaching is part of me; hence, that’s why I am considering to return into the profession – perhaps a part-time or full-time time university lecturer,” he said, adding he is pursuing a doctoral degree in education.

Tobias holds various educational qualifications: certificates, degrees and a master’s degree in business administration.
“So, that might be the direction I am headed. I will not sit idle. I am not a good farmer, so I can’t solely say that’s what I am going to focus on – even though I will do it on a small scale,” he elaborated.
Tobias also said he quit out of free will, as he felt he has served for too long and that it was time to rest and give a chance to others to show their capabilities.

He said this in an interview with New Era to dispel any mystery that surrounded his unprecedented decision, although saying he is still available to serve the party whenever his input or assistance is needed.
Tobias quit at the last minute while the inner Swapo party primary election was underway, a decision that resulted in chaos. 
The elections during the Swapo district conference for Tsumeb had to be postponed for a fresh rerun. 
At the time, there were speculations that he is tipped for a diplomatic post abroad.
“Sixteen-years and eight months is quite a long journey; therefore, at this juncture, I felt I needed to step down and allow others to continue the good work. It was free will and there is nothing sinister about it,” he said.

Political journey
Throughout his tenure as Tsumeb councillor, Tobias said he had initiated many projects that will go a long way in benefitting the communities, such as setting up a community garden at Ondundu. 
Others include a youth center that is solely meant for upcoming entrepreneurs to run their businesses. He also established another centre, Meameno, which deals with HIV/AIDs-related projects.

“In terms of education, I have been offering moral support and also introduced an award for best Grade 10 and 12 schools, as well as a token to outstanding teachers and learners. I have also established a number of kindergartens, including one in Kuvukiland. In addition, there is also an education center used by learners and the community as a study environment,” revealed Tobias, who is dubbed as a ‘get-it-done councillor’.

As councillor, Tobias said he has helped improved sanitation and water services in farming communities andn the Kuvukiland informal settlement at Tsumeb.

 “Also, I have advocated for the provision of electricity to criminal prone Kuvukiland and CENORED has responded by installing high mast lights while they seek funds to electrify all dwellings,” he continued.
The former councillor thanked the masses, saying where he failed, it should be understood that to err is human and one cannot always meet all the expectations or provide and satisfy everyone. 

2020-11-30  Obrien Simasiku

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