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SMEs are the owners of 065 Kapana Festival

2022-11-18  Efraim Ranjeni

SMEs are the owners of 065 Kapana Festival

   Efraim Ranjeni


The 065 Kapana Festival returns to Ondangwa on 2 to 4 December after an absence of two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Founder of the 065 Kapana Festival Tim Martins told VIBEZ! the aim of the festival is to create room for young entrepreneurs to showcase their local products, including Namibia’s favourite street food, kapana.

“This festival is different from the rest because one of its objectives is to promote kapana vendors and other SMEs,” said Martins.  

“Another reason for hosting is so young entrepreneurs can make some money so that come January, they have funds to pay school and registration fees and buy necessities such as school supplies for their children.”

Organisers are lenient with those unable to pay for their stalls, with Martin saying the registration fee is paid according to stalls. 

“We have two students who can’t afford to pay their study fees, so we are giving them stalls for free make some money for their studies.” 

Martins projected the festival to cater to about 15 000 visitors this year.

“I’m inviting everyone to come and support our exhibitors,” said Martins while extending a special invitation to corporates in both the public and private sectors to join in collaborations in support of the initiative.

In the future, they would like to take the Kapana Festival to all corners of the country. -


2022-11-18  Efraim Ranjeni

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