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Opinion - Self-consciousness and inclusivity is what Namibia needs

2020-12-04  Staff Reporter2

Opinion - Self-consciousness and inclusivity is what Namibia needs

Maretz Tjitemisa

Life is a quality or an intelligence that possess all creation. The more you are aware, the more alive you are within. Creation is who we are from birth until death and after death; we are unclassified to any identification. Life has strengthened us with sense organs of the body for survival – not for identification. Touch, see, hear, feel and taste. 
The sense organs of the body are outward bound, not inward, making them unreliable in that scene. Any conclusion or perception made, based on the sense organs, is bound to fail because they are limited by nature. Survival plays a crucial role to our being but not fundamental to life.

If humanity can’t see life beyond survival, we are doomed. We are alive; therefore, we survive, not survive to be aware. The more alive or aware is the better your survival. 
The walls of self-preservation you build around yourself today is the same wall of self-destruction tomorrow. The life we are needs no preservation – only the body needs protection; hence, dust it is. 

The question is, why protect that which is limited by nature? Why identify yourself with the content of the mind as if you are the source? The mind is a society garbage bin as much as the body being the hip of food. Why is humanity intensively identified with the body, mind and emotions? It is because we have limit our life experience to the sense organs only. 
That’s why the world is crying more than ever before. Despite the increase in knowledge, schools, hospitals, doctors in various aspects, religious activities and universities. Human beings are sick more than ever before – misery, perversion, corruption, greediness and egoism became part of our daily life. How is it possible – with all the comfort and convenience we have today, human beings are more sick and in misery than ever before. 

There should be a mismerge between what humanity wants or need and what is being supplied. Where is the mismerge? Is it in our education system, is it religious activities or self-ignorance?
My limited observation on the subject is indicative to the current reality. The fundamental aspect for education is to transform human beings and to increase self-recognition. 

The current humanity lacks self-management and self-recognition. It is imperative that I indicate clearly as possible that the “self” is not the body, the mind and neither the energy body but the source of your being or the spirit within you. People are identified and grouped accordingly, thus influencing the perception to life and truth. 

Whatever you identify yourself with either limits you or influences your perception. An enhanced perception is what is missing in humanity. Love is inclusive as much as the spirit within us all. “Knowledge without love is dead.”
Love is the ability to experience. Love is sensitivity. Love is the experience in which all your impurities are washed away and you throw open all your doors – all your gates. Then whosoever stands at your door is no longer an enemy or a friend but a beloved, and you open your door to him. 

When you begin to feel the whole world is yours, when you begin to see the beloved in whosoever comes to your door, when you no longer see strangers or enemies, when you begin to see only friends everywhere when this phenomenon takes place in you, know that you have found love. And for the man who has found love, what else remains to be found? The man who has found love has found the key to the door of God.

Truth surrounds you. How will you ?nd it? Truth is there already; the basic problem is that you have no vision. The sun is always shining but you are blind. What should a blind man seek? The sun or sight? If you have no sight, even if the sun is sitting next to you, what will you do? You will not be able to see it; you will remain in darkness. Sight is needed. That sight is love. God is ever-present. He is all around you. But you have lost your vision; you have lost the means of experiencing him. 

Understand the signi?cance of love carefully. Nothing is greater than love – not even God. God is achieved through love, but love is not achieved through God. The presence of God does not guarantee love, but the presence of love will surely bring him to you.

As Jesus has said, “Love is God.” If we really want love, the first thing is to see beyond religion, culture, tribe, colour, positions and politics. Limited aspects brings fear, distorted perception and self-ignorance. We are all born humans, life within us, not as a Damara, Herero, Ovambo or Christian or a politician; these are all limited identification that hinder love and truth. Love is a quality within us all; it takes self-recognition or self-inquiry to experience your godliness. No law or regulation and belief will transform the spirit within us, but only love and truth. Truth is not in the words we speak, neither in what we do, but the way we hold the life within us.
I am full of gratitude for your time. I greet the divine residing within you. Please accept my greeting.

2020-12-04  Staff Reporter2

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