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Namibian artists gracing international stages

2024-05-31  Paheja Siririka

Namibian artists gracing international stages

Performances by Mr Makoya, Tate Buti  and Top Cheri in Louisville, Kentucky, USA last weekend reaffirmed the commitment by local artists to take Namibian music to greater heights and ensure their compatriots abroad experience music from home live.

Mr Makoya, real name Strauss Lunyangwe, was thrilled at the opportunity to perform in the ‘States’, saying it was a perfect opportunity to network with prospective clients and fellow artists. “The performance was superb; the people enjoyed themselves, from the feedback we received from them. The atmosphere and vibe were just perfect. The trip is worthwhile as I want to make the most of it,” he told VIBEZ! from the USA.

The Namibian community there invited the trio to their annual get-together event.

“The Namibian community in America has a great camaraderie, they came from different cities to support this cause, and had one good Namibian weekend,” he said in an interview with NBC’s Daily Round-up television show.

His latest album ‘Bly in Jou Baan’ was received well, as well as a mixer of songs of the time he was with the Matongo Family.

The Namibians loved it, Mr Makoya said proudly. He noted that he realised that this was a great opportunity for artists like himself to work hard and have their music internationally yearned for because Namibians living abroad miss that.

“I am getting to understand how we can push our culture, and start showcasing skills and talent. The community here has shown that appreciation for local talent. It’s amazing,” he said. Mr Makoya added that on top of that, he got the opportunity to introduce his new summer range of T-shirts, which they loved, adding that he will be launching that range in Namibia during spring.

While in the US, he will be shooting a couple of music videos.

“The most important thing of this trip was to start building a network with our people, and understand how best to get our music easier to consume, and explore more opportunities to showcase our music here,” stated the excited musician.

He added that the hospitality has been “nothing but amazing” - from the hosts and to everybody who came from different cities to support and be together.

“It was such a blessing watching the different tribes bonding so well together here,” said Mr Makoya.

On his part, Tate Buti told VIBEZ! yesterday the opportunity was good exposure for him, and he learned a lot from the hosts and fellow artists. “To my fellow artists in Namibia, hone your craft and ensure that you are well-established in your country first. Our country is beautiful. It’s nice, I am telling you; musicians must start here.
Create good music because people are watching, and they will invite established artists to perform on these international stages,” said Tate Buti.

On what his supporters can look forward to from him in 2024 in terms of events, albums and music videos or singles, Tate Buti said: “You can expect anything from me this year.”

2024-05-31  Paheja Siririka

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