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Luis, Melissa team up in Paris fundraiser...taking House of Poulton to the world

2024-05-31  Pricilla Mukokobi

Luis, Melissa team up in Paris fundraiser...taking House of Poulton to the world

Namibian fashion took centre-stage last Saturday when local fashion guru Luis Munana and designer Melissa Poulton hosted a stunning fashion show aimed at raising funds for Poulton’s upcoming showcase at the Paris Fashion Week. 

The event, held at the Spes Bona platinum car dealership, was a collaboration between Munana, the brand ambassador for Chivas Regal whiskey, and Poulton’s House of Poulton, and offered patrons a luxurious experience designed to make everyone feel special and stunning. Munana presented his Chivas Regal collection, while Poulton unveiled her Winter 2024 collection titled ‘Into the Wild.’ The collection features a striking Zebra print, now a signature element of House of Poulton’s design aesthetic. 

“All the pieces are really special, and stand out. Some of my favourites are the ready-to-wear sets and our finale dress,” said Poulton.

“I’m proud of the entire final product. This show has paved the way for our upcoming events. I’m deeply grateful to Munana, the Ogilvy team, and Chivas Regal for their support,” she said. 

The fashion show was the first in a series of fundraising events to support Poulton’s Paris Fashion Week debut in September. The prestigious opportunity requires substantial funds for designer fees and other expenses, prompting Poulton to organise several events.

Future events include a pop-up shop at the 99FM studio today, a night with arts at Etcetera on 11 July, a pop-up in Swakopmund on 29 June, and the House of Poulton Met Gala on 10 August.

 Poulton encourages fellow designers to persevere. “Keep working hard, believe in your product and dream, and keep pushing through. Our dreams are valid, and anything is possible if you just believe.”

Munana highlighted the evolving Namibian fashion industry, noting that locals are increasingly open-minded and expressive with their fashion sense. 

“Melissa is one of the most established designers in Namibia. I wanted to support her because as a brand ambassador for Chivas Regal, I was also asked to do a fashion show. We decided to collaborate with Melissa to show support and help raise funds for her Paris trip,” he said. Munana’s showcased collection was an extension of his Zuriel collection from last year, featuring his favourite colour - black. This year’s theme incorporated gold as a new element. 

“The designers were just me and Melissa. We approached her, and asked to be part of the show so that we could assist in raising funds. I auctioned six Zuriel looks, and all the money is going to Melissa as my contribution,” he added.

The event was a fusion of fashion and music, with a highlight being the auction that merged both art forms seamlessly.  “I loved the fashion and the music auction part. We merged music and fashion, and then we had an auction. To me, those were highlights because it was beautiful,” Munana added.

The success of this fundraising fashion show has set a positive tone for future events, ensuring the House of Poulton is well on its way to making a memorable debut at the Paris Fashion Week.

The Namibian fashion industry has seen remarkable growth in recent years, with an explosion of local designers showcasing their creativity, and receiving increasing support from the community. Fashion shows play a crucial role in this development, offering designers a platform to display their work, attract buyers and engage with potential clients.  Events like the MTC Windhoek Fashion Week and Katutura fashion show have significantly contributed to this progress, helping to elevate Namibian fashion to new heights. Now, the next step is to capture the attention of international buyers and present Namibian designs on the global stage.

2024-05-31  Pricilla Mukokobi

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