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Loss of father changed Sunny Boy’s work ethic ... releases three singles

2022-09-30  Strauss Lunyangwe

Loss of father changed Sunny Boy’s work ethic ... releases three singles

Having lost his father just four days into this year and being a dad himself propelled Sunny Boy to see life from a different perspective. 

“I felt like I’m alone in a way, and everything else must fall on my shoulders. This has started making me more responsible because you can lose somebody quickly in the blink of an eye,” he shared with VIBEZ!

Sunny, real name Pendukeni Andreas Sunday Shipushu, thus does not take anything for granted anymore, explaining that he now lives life with no regrets and appreciates life more. 

“It has also changed the way I see things in the fact that don’t overthink things, and just go for it. That’s why I am doing everything I can in my capacity.”  He also changed his work ethic towards his music.

With reference to the “3 for 50” alcohol special, Sunny said that as a businessman, one should always keep your ear to the ground to see what’s trending, and pair it with what you are doing. To this effect, Sunny recently released three singles at once. The songs are part of his new album titled the ‘Kingdom of Yaziza’, scheduled to be published by the end of October.

“Music is also a business; you should jump on the wagon and ride waves. So, I decided to drop these three singles for my fans. The other reason is that they are of the amapiano genre, and this type of music changes quickly; it evolves every month.” “However, you cannot always do what everybody else is doing because if you do, what happens to you? The people who stand out in the world are those who chose different paths. Let me do Sunny, let me do me. I’m a trendsetter, I don’t want to fall behind. I like to create my own lane.” 

He also revealed that he is still working on the
final track list for the album as he has made about 27 songs, which still have to be filtered and brought down to 17. “I feel like when I started in the industry, the hunger mixed with comfort and confidence. I feel relaxed and carefree because people are gonna love it. This is me leading people to the promised land with this album.”  On his listening session held at Tall Tree Bar last month, Sunny said it was “exceptional”, and he was very happy with the outcome and response. 

“The reaction that they had; I don’t know if it’s because they missed me, or I just make beautiful music. I loved the fact they responded to the music positively; it was awesome. The song ‘Ngoso’ featuring King Elegant and ‘O’sponga’, people loved it. I urge other artists to do this too. Sometimes it’s best to introduce them slowly to people. It’s like cooking, and you take a spoon and let somebody taste to get their opinion.”  On a different note, Sunny urged every Namibian to support local music, and stressed the importance of DJs. “Especially radio DJs and those in the clubs, make us a priority in your playlists. This is the only way our music can be loved and respected by all if they keep hearing it more. I think the only people who are doing the most are print media, but when it comes to visual and radio, they are not doing it properly. Prioritise home first before you focus on your neighbours.” 

For your listening pleasure, tune in to Sunny’s YouTube channel for his new music. -

2022-09-30  Strauss Lunyangwe

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