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Kawana takes IDs to Omitara

2022-11-22  Efraim Ranjeni

Kawana takes IDs to Omitara

Home affairs minister Albert Kawana handed over 40 IDs to Namibians in rural Omaheke, including the elderly, who were unable to access government services. 

The minister handed over the IDs on Friday afternoon to the residents of Omitara, in the Okorukambe constituency, in the Omaheke region. 

The issuing of the documents follows after NBC News broadcast the story of 91-year-old Harubi Muhenje and Magrieta Isaack two weeks ago. 

They were reportedly struggling to register for citizenship – and as a result, they could not access their government pension grant. 

According to Kawana, the elderly couple struggled to register for their citizenship since 2003 and was approved the same year; however, they have not received their national documents. 

“Every citizen has a right to enjoy the fruits of an independent Namibia, and these elderly here and the entire Omitara must as well enjoy the full right of the privilege of our country. Muhenje could not access his pension due to documents, and that touched my heart,” said Kawana. 

Kawana furthermore emphasised the importance of being documented to the Omitara residents. 

He said national citizenship allows them to access services such as university, and banking and to enjoy participating in decisions of the country, such as voting. 

Kawana also indicated to the Omitara residents that the process of making arable land available to resettle them is in the pipeline. 

“The government have made 9 600 hectares available to resettle the Omitara people. This land will be divided into sections and be given to every family. This is to ensure that you have your land and be productive by yourself,” said Kawana.

He stated that as the ministry responsible for civil registration, the ministry would continue to run an outreach programme to Omitara every year to register them for citizenship, and called on them to report all civil cases to their councillor. 

He urged them to take care of their documents, as this is not just a once-off programme; it is a governmental motto to bring service closer to the people.

Councillor of Okorukambe constituency Rocco Nguvauva said the constituency is faced with many challenges – mainly poverty. 

“We are very thankful to Minister Kawana and his ministry for the handover; however, evidence is clear. My people are indeed faced with poverty. As a councillor, I am working with all effort to cut the throat of unemployment and ultimately put an end stop to poverty and other issues facing my people in this constituency,” said Nguvauva.

2022-11-22  Efraim Ranjeni

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