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 Jittah takes viewers on journey of love, unity

2023-05-26  Van Wyk Amutenya

 Jittah takes viewers on journey of love, unity

Musician Jittah Daniel is launching his latest music video of ‘Nabantu Bami Abalungile’ today at the Opelugo Bar and Restaurant in Omuthiya, Oshikoto region.

With a strong focus on spreading love and positive energy, Daniel aim to convey a powerful message through his art.

“This song is dear to me because it expressed my love for my fans and family. They support me through all my ups and downs. The song simply means ‘I have my good people with me’,” he told VIBEZ!

The video will be launched at a fan-engagement event which will see performances by various artists including Oka Jerly, Unamano Gang, Clevens 2km, Peter Boy, Be Wise and a live DJ. 

Daniel took an active role in the creative process of the music video, handpicking locations and characters that would
enhance the overall theme. 

“This personal touch allowed me to ensure that every aspect of the video aligned with my vision.” 

During the filming, an intriguing and unexpected moment unfolded when the crew, while on a boat cruise, saw a little “golden island” in the middle of the river that had lots of crocodile eggs all over it.

Such unexpected encounters only added to the unique experience of creating the video, he said.

At the core of the visuals lies a powerful message of love and support. Daniel emphasised his desire to encourage kindness and compassion among people, especially considering the challenges faced by individuals around the world.

“People are going through a lot…so a little kindness and support won’t hurt,” he affirmed, adding that by showcasing diverse characters and their interactions, the video embodies the spirit of unity and Harambee.

Shot in stunning 4K resolution quality, the visuals are set against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes, showcasing the beauty of the country. The meticulously- chosen locations and well-dressed indigenous people create a captivating ambience that perfectly complements the song’s vibe.

Furthermore, this music video is part of a larger project or album release, marking an exciting milestone in Daniel’s musical journey.

2023-05-26  Van Wyk Amutenya

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