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Industry Loop - Do we have celebs in Namibia?

2024-05-31  NSK

Industry Loop - Do we have celebs in Namibia?

It is undeniably preposterous that in this day and age of sober reasoning, we still need to ask the absolutely ridiculous question: “Do we have celebs in Namibia?”. 

The fallacy that we do not have celebrities in Namibia is something that’s been a long time coming. History will have you know that I wrote about this in 2017, and again in 2021. Here we are…in freaking 2024; right back where we started. 

However, as an analyst, I have to keep my cool. I need to look at both sides of the coin, right? I almost want to say “bullsh*t”, but we are in 2024, where we encourage mature discourse. So, I will unpack this in an absolutely calm manner…I think. But before we get to my thinking right now, we will have to date back to 2017. 

In 2017, I wrote: “People will troll you. Especially in Namibia, where people strangely celebrate downfalls, they will amplify your mistakes. That’s just how it is. Accept it”. In 2021, I wrote: “Posting that remark (We do not have celebs in Namibia) exposes how hungry you are for clout. Posting that remark exposes how dense and ignorant you are.”

My views have not changed; not one bit, since 2017. I believe Namibians celebrate downfalls. I still believe you are a clout-chasing tw*t hoping for a few reactions when you post that remark (Namibia does not have celebrities). It’s sad how we lack critical thinking in this country. People simply go with the popular opinion. No one gives  it a bit of thought. No one does research. Namibians have f*kol backbone. But like I said…I will engage in this discourse with absolute grace.  Here’s the bombshell…I do see how spineless Namibians can resort to saying we do not have celebrities in Namibia. Namibians are inundated with foreign content. When they switch on the TV, they see regional and international pop culture, where creative practitioners are housed in triple stories and driving Ferraris. When Namibians are on their phones…they witness regional and international pop culture where creative practitioners “freeze” malls, and bring a community to a standstill. 

There is zero Namibian content that can educate spineless Namibians that as a society, we are simply not at that level. It will probably take us another lifetime to get to that level, if ever. The Namibian economy and way of life simply do not allow for that lifestyle. We do not have the market for that. We do not have the population for that kind of riches. 

Because of the sheer force of the market and population in regional and international pop countries, someone who could be considered a “Mahai” could be earning enough to drive a decent car and own a house. In Namibia, Mahai is languishing somewhere in the streets of Greenwell. 

Hence I keep coining the phrase “Spineless Namibians” because if you took two seconds to do a bit of critical thinking, you would see that you cannot align riches with celebratory status in Namibia. That may be well the case for regional and international pop culture, but not here. 

Here you will see your favourite celebrity in a queue with you at Natis. You will see your favourite in Shoprite. You will see your favourite at a car wash. 

Let’s stop being so damn dense. It’s annoying AF. The lack of patriotism in this country should be studied. Political leadership should be worried. How is this not deemed a crisis?! 

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM                                                 

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2024-05-31  NSK

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